Clara Lock

Hi, I’m Clara, a writer by profession and a storyteller at heart. I’m also the author of Stay Gold: An Almost Healthy Boy in a Mostly Healthy World — the biography of my late best friend Daniel.

I caught the travel bug in 2011 on an exchange semester abroad in Taiwan. That was the year I turned 21, lived abroad and learnt to backpack. When I came home I hung a map of the world in my room and promised myself that one day I would see it all.

I was formerly the editor of the Republic of Singapore Navy magazine, where I sailed to places like the Gulf of Aden for counter-piracy operations and the Java Sea to search for downed Air Asia flight QZ8501. It was a great adventure, and I spent many happy days at sea.

Now I cover travel and lifestyle for The Straits Times, Singapore’s main daily newspaper. If you’d like to collaborate, visit my portfolio or write to me at claralock@gmail.com and let’s have a chat!

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